Why hasn't construction started at the Park?

    Town staff have completed the tender process for two tenders at the park. One for Playground Construction and one for Site Works. The playground construction tender came in on budget. We have scheduled the public information meeting to review the playground design with the public (see Key Dates section of this page). This is a project we are targeting for a Fall 2019 installation.

    However, the Site Works tender came back over budget. Staff have drafted an information report to council this past week to explain the delays. We will be recommending cancelling the current tender and retendering the Site Work in the Winter 2020 in order to secure better pricing.

    Will the park be constructed this year?

    The playground will be installed in 2019 but the site works (ie; pathways, planting, seating, entrance features) will be installed in 2020. There will be picnic tables installed temporarily at the park until permanent seating can be installed with the Site Works.

    What is going on with the pathway up to the St. Davids Lions Park?

    Currently, the Town doesn’t own the environmental block that is required to construct the pathway. This parcel of land is still owned by the developer. The developer is intending on transferring the property to the Town. Staff are in the process of receiving ownership of this land. Once we have ownership of the property then surveying/design can commence. There are capital funds approved by council to design and install the pathway.