What are the applications regarding?

    Applications for a Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan have been submitted to the Town for the properties at 144 and 176 John Street East. The project consists of a hotel and accessory uses, which include conference facilities, restaurants, and a spa. The current zoning of the subject properties permits the same uses, as a result of a previously approved Zoning By-law Amendment. More specific information of the project can be found in the Planning Justification Report, prepared by SGL Planning. The application documents, including studies and drawings, can be found on the Town’s website here:http://notl.org/content/public-notices-under-planning-act

    Is staff supporting the applications?

    Staff have not yet formed a position on the applications. The applications have been circulated to Town departments and external agencies for comments. Staff will begin to form a position once comments have been received from all Town departments, external agencies, and the public by way of written comments, the Open House and Public Meetings. The final decision of support or refusal is made by Council.

    What has to be amended to permit this proposal?

    Although the existing zoning permits a hotel and accessory uses, the applicant has put forward a new design which does not meet the same zoning provisions as the previous proposal. Therefore, an application to amend the Zoning By-law for the subject properties must be made. The current/existing zoning of the subject properties can be found on the Town’s website here: http://notl.org/content/public-notices-under-planning-act

    Has an application been submitted for a residential subdivision on the property adjacent to Randwood?

    Although a residential subdivision was shown in a couple of the studies that were submitted with this application, no application for a residential development has been submitted. If an application for a residential subdivision is submitted to the Town, the application and supporting studies will be made public and there will be opportunities for public input on the residential proposal at that time.