12 November 2019

Glendale Task Force Meeting

Glendale Task Force approves a list of recommendations to be forwarded to Council for consideration.

09 December 2019

Council Meeting

Council approves a motion to refer the summary of suggested changes to the Short Term Rental By-law to staff for review and consideration; and that the process include a public consultation session; and that the final by-law be brought to Council for adoption in the early spring. 

22 June 2020

Council Meeting

Staff provide report CS-20-012 to Council. Council refers the report back to staff and recommends creating a working group to provide recommendations back to Council.

23 June → 13 November 2020

Working Group Review

During this time the working group reviews the recommendations of Glendale Task force in preparation of proposed changes to the Short Term Rental Licensing By-law and administration of the program.

13 November → 14 December 2020

Public Engagement

01 December 2020

Open House

Staff to host an open house, provide a brief overview of the changes. The purpose of the meeting will be to receive feedback from the public on the proposal. 

14 December 2020

Committee of the Whole

Staff to present recommendation report to Committee of the Whole.

21 December 2020

Council Meeting

Council to consider any recommendations arising from the Committee of the Whole meeting.