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Queen Street pilot closures

by JasonClements,

Just a suggestion for the surveys... perhaps add a comment field so that people can share ideas rather than just tick the available boxes on the survey.

In the second survey, question #6(?) asks what was the impact, but I'm not sure which option to select to indicate a positive impact vs a negative impact.

I think these tests are hard to say whether they are effective or not because there are other factors. People are just coming back from hard economic times and although they may want to come to NOTL for a getaway, and walk on Queen St, they may not have disposable income to spend at the shops.

So, that makes it hard to say which option is going to help shops as there may be no option right now that will help the shops to generate sales. I know the main goal of the widening is to allow for physical distancing but there is also a lot of discussion and desire to help the shops to generate sales, but it could be that no option right now will do that.

If I can throw out a 3rd(?) option... I think removing parking is a good idea, and still allow traffic. But, the current design of the sidewalks with the planters doesn't really work with the portable barriers blocking the parking. The planters themselves act as barriers so people can't spread out on the sidewalk.

Another benefit of removing parking on Queen St is coming from a side street you have to drive practically to the middle of the intersection just to see past the cars and not be blocking the sidewalk. So, without the cars parked on Queen St it should help the flow of traffic on side streets and it would also help on Queen St not having to deal with cars holding up traffic trying to pull into or out of a parking spot.

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